Well I took a villain test and this was the result

What Type of Villain are You?


Its true in the sense that I wish I had explosive powers and super strength and that. My god would it be fun.
Now look at the pictures and just think how cool that would be:

Destroying the world infrastructure with powers like that and setting up a perfect collectivised regime with no stupid terrorists, Ignorant capitalists or ideological Marxist is one of my immature ideas, wouldn't be all difficult I suppose when no one cares about voting anyway, plus I could wipe out a few people I don't like or feel are owed a taste of my wrath(MC FLY ARE FIRST ON THE TARGET LIST! SO WATCH YOUR BACKS OR FRONTS AS THE CASE MAY BE YOU WANKERS MUAHAHAHAHAAH! SEE IF THE GIRLS WILL FANCY YOU WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOU).
One person I would like to destroy now is the person who writes the business studies exams, I incidently sat this exam this morning although it was not difficult unless you ignore the fact that us as candidates had only 75 minutes to do 12 pages approx of writing, I swear revenge upon the examiners for this, INHUMAN MONSTERS! Well I think I did alright but I really don't want to think about my result, as I worry of getting a D grade as that is what I got in my last exam (I don't base that fear on my performance as I really don't know how I did). But then again that is the past and I felt more competent of righting my past errors in that field. Apart from that I have only 4 exams to go TWO MORE BLOODY BUSINESS EXAMS!!!!!! And history and physics which are not so bad. I can't wait till its all over. The worst is probably passed though.


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