Random indeed yes, as not much has been going on with me. On a normal free day when there are no exams I get up at aboot 07:00 or later and then revise for about 3-4 hours throughout the day with about 12 study sessions of aboot 20 minutes. Not bad you may think but the problem for me is that I get sick of revising. Its not fun however you try to organize it and to make things worse for myself I get paranoid when I'm not revising!!!!! Its an irritating cycle of not knowing what I want to be doing whether it be simply enjoying life in my own way or revising for these "crucial" exams.
Apart from that this week not much has happened to me or anyone I know, not that I would know anyway as I haven't really got the chance to talk to anyone about anything except these BLOODY EXAMS! As if that wasn't bad enough on Monday I've got chemistry which is rather a more tiresome science as there are horrible things in it like electrolysis, emperical formulas, folding and faulting and that! I've also got my first business exam at the end of the week which promises to be one and a half hours of boredom, bitterness, business knowledge and paranoia for myself considering the last two grades I've got for business have been D. Why do the exam boards find it necessary to write such horribly boring and tough exams where you don't even have enough time to think your answer through (actual teacher testimony) which normally ends up the size of a small essay thanks to the evil mark scheme. My friends who do Business like Nonnesuch and Davey C will also be forced to sit down and suffer this pain on Thursday although they don't have to worry as much about cocking the exam up (again! Even though I thought I did quite well last time) and getting a GCSE grade D in business. Life can be very cruel it seems!


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