Gather round all followers (thats right all 6 of you) of my scriptures (the daily rantings that is) And I shall tell ye a tale.
I am going to actually talk about my disgust at the cartoons that nonnesuch talked of on his blog recently.
I happen to despise extremists of all religions. I have been called arrogant for believing that, "humans dont always need to look to a higher power for direction" but the stuff on that web site you can see here:, is nothing more but arrogance. It has the nerve to make the claim that anyone who doesnt believe in Jesus is doomed to an existance in hell for all eternity. Now this again may be arrogant, but that doesnt seem fair at all, now lets face it life is not picnic, and some people struggle hard to do good, and be nice throughout there lives whether it be sooner or later. not an easy task, but then at the end of that, as is demonstrated in one cartoon, that you'll still suffer eternal damnation if you do not give your soul to jesus. I personally am willing to suffer this, if it comes to that which i do not expect it will, i accept my fate and think jesus should stop being such a wanker about it if he is god that is.
I also dislike how patronising these comics can be, especially in the evolution one (incidently did you know that believing in evolution is a direct path to hell, OH NO WHAT WILL ONE DO!? i'll laugh personally) the little girl in the comic quotes "we must respect her as she is our teacher,even though she is wrong (about evolution being true)"
Now let me get the facts straight here:
Evolution: Scientifically proven with carbon dating techniques that CANNOT be wrong
God creating the world in 6 days: No proof except for some so called holy scriptures
that people fanatically believe in.


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