Worst Weekend ever!!!!

Well where to start with this moan. Ah yes of course Friday.

Friday: The night of Drink gone awry.
Well this promised a lot and delivered a blow or two to friends of mine which was felt by me. The evening started as fun as ever what with WORK!!!!!!! I do hate my job though it went quicker than usual. Then on to this party. The writing was on the wall when I got there and Nicks friend guy was already out of it. As the night went on some bad things happened to my chums (I will be inspecific as if I explain these happenings it might cause upset and annoyance at my person plus its unfair if i do most of you went anyways but still. Not only that I feel Nick had a bad deal as he was really paranoid and apparently one of his dads shoes went missing which is totally out of order. Not only that but some people made their way into his parents bedroom which I feel is out of order also. I left the party early with Rob and Stewie and headed for home disappointed the night had been a bit sucky for myself.

Saturday: The Day of Neughhhh.
Definately the weekends high point although the reprecussions of the night before still bothered me. I went to help Nick clear up but found by the time I got there that much had been done and the house looking in a very reasonable state, so I just chatted with Nick for a while. After that I did very little at home and then went out to see Team America World Police. An excellent film definatly worth seeing. Then met up with Tom who had just completed his first day at work (ooo lucky lucky considering he does esentially the same crappy job as I do). Then I went home and had an early night as I HAD WORK AT 8 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!

Sunday: The Day of intense Frustration.
OOOOOH I HATE MY JOB and the last chance I had to do something cool has been missed. There are no vacancies on the Deli so my mind is now made up that I shall soon quit. The day was annoying as I had to do a number of tedious jobs which involved trying to angle around customers who think they are so posh with their "organic rice milk" and who call their children "Bruce" fools I call them (this doesnt refer to all customers who shop there as that is unfair). Then to make things worse when I get home I FIND MESSENGER ISNT BLOODY WORKING and my Dad and my Brother arnt on speaking terms and I fear that reprecussions on friday may start to show their effects on people.

I seriously hope things inprove this week but still it may snow tommorow theres a good sign :D!


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