Christmas, New Years and the rest in a very large nutshell

Well its been a very long and lathargic week or too since I blogged. Much has gone on since I last let you good people have a window into the life of Dave.

Before I begin this 4 part Drama here is a picture of Robert Guest eating a big sandwich

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Part One: Christmas Time!!!!!
"It's the most wonderful time of the Yeeeeeaaaaar" said some guy once, well it is a nice time but sadly the warm cosy feeling I used to experience has long faded and now I fear Christmas will turn into a nightmarishly stressful drain on my monies. Still though if I randomise a bit it can stay special. Anyways Christmas Eve was tarnished by the fact that I had to work but it was made up for by the fact I had a few small drinks at Matts house. There I learned a valuble lesson. Flu beer and pepsi do not make for a good nights rest on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning was less exiting than usual for various reasons but I did Enjoy getting my presents.

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And here they are
I got GTA: San Andreas, Some Michael Schumacher book, Formula One year book, Father Ted Series 2 part two (I now have the whole collection) , A coin sorter (???), Sweets and stuff, lots of money and I can't really remember the rest.
For the great day me and my family went to my uncles house in picturesque West Norwood. The fun and festivities wern't too bad. A lot of my aunts family went to this .

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A Treemendous time was had (SOMEBODY STOP ME MUAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHA! ahem)

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This is my aunts brother Carl in a crazy beard and hat ensemble, he came all the way from Australia to spend Christmas in freezing cold rainy England. Now theres dedication.

Anyway it might be me but I seemed to enjoy Christmas dinner a lot less this year (then again I did have a slight cold) but it was ok. Boxing day saw more of the same really.

PART TWO: Week After Christmas.
Well this started on a high and finished on a low
Monday: Returned from the house of my uncles and went to a party at Chris' house. It was fun though. Most of the people who went to Herr Stain's gathering a couple of weeks ago went (YES ROSTANT!!!!) I took only one picture sadly.

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Here is Sourav a mate of Rostant's with a cusion on his head (he had no drink neither amazing that eh) and a very blurry Rostant in the Background.

It was quite insane all in all. Much was drunk we made a few prank calls, one to my brother muahahahahahhaha. If he's wondering still why some random Chav (not a real one a person doing an impression) phoned him and ranted down the phone at him I will laugh if he hasnt sussed out I was behind it in a sense I will also laugh as the "Chav" (I shall not name names as if my brother susses it out it won't be as funny) referred to someone called "Big D" HINT HINT!!!!!. Then Me and Chris had a heated discussion about Postman Pats nose (don't ask) and it was a laugh all in all.

Tuesday: Did bugger all as no one was around to do anything and my brother and his twat of a friend Dan had infested the Living room with the comfy chairs and the big TV with their shite jamming. Then they stole the computer to pose with their guitars over the webcam to some girls (how sad and tries to give me the advice to "be myself in frount of women" like he bloody knows anything the bloody hippocrite)

Wednesday and Thursday: Went up to sunny ol Sussex to visit some family friends. It used to be quite fun to go there (then again they do have a trampoline) but it was all in all a bit dull and slightly irritating. This family has three children. One my age who was never there which isnt a critism just a point as it made things rather dull. A boy my brothers age who is hyper attention seeking and just plain annoying and provokative and also was never there. Finally there was a boy of 11 who is mainly ok except he has to know everything youre bloody well doing and then peers over your shoulder (I find this a bit unnerving) then always asks silly questions. anyway the experience left me annoyed

Part 3: New Years
HAD TO BLOODY WELL GO TO WORK AGAIN!!!!!! But after that PARTY at the Stainmeisters house (Stainmeister sounds like a cleaning product).
It was good unclean fun, We danced drank (I FINALLY GOT TO SEE JON ON DRINK!!!) erm watched Mr T cartoons and stuff.

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Here is Jon in one of those german hats.

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Jon and Chris a pair of perfection.

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Dance fever Jon

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Jon doing the Diver.

Part Four: The Aftermath
Well after all the crazyness life retained some slight normality.
On New Years day I met up with some old chums of mine from teh primary school. Harry and Matt. The reason we chose to meet up was because Matt lives in Yorkshire now and he hadnt much time before he left again. It was rather hastily planned (Harry only woke up half an hour before we met up and we pretty much walked up and down Bromley a bit where I bought a Calender and Black Books Series 1 and 3

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Here they are. Harry be the one on the right and Matt be the taller bloke on the left.

We soon split up after a disjointed walk and the weather turned for the worst.
And today I went to work WOOOOOO FUCKING HOO!
Well thats the last two weeks kind of explained though I must admit there are many gaps in this recount but it cant be helped.

I've been busy with old photoshop too.

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hehehe chav and Dave.

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Taken from this original.

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The New face of Muse. Matt Dave and Tom (instead of Matt Chris and Dom)

Image Hosted by
I found that weird German woman at last ha!.

Yes I know they Suck but it's all in good fun

But still heres a strange disorientated picture of me to keep you happy (or sick)
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Peace out players


Dave said…
I don't remember having that picture of me taken :S (No, not holding the red card, my face...)

Can you send me the original at some point please.

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