They own Iraq now?!

Just a short sharp (short because I'm soon to be deposed from the computater but thats another story) political Rant today as I haven't posted for a week or two. This Particular little moan has been inspired by a programme I've been watching called "What would Jesus Drive" The programme focuses on America's love of cars, Especially huge Fuel guzzling cars like the "Hummer". There were a number of things said in this Programme that caused Irritation.
"The Hummer is huge its warm its comfy its everything a woman could want" Do I sense a little bit of a sexual connotation to that quote. For heavens sake that is a poor reason to buy a car that is quite frankly a fat american in car form as its huge and it consumes like hell and squashes all before it. Get a life lady!

"For gods sake Bush we own Iraq now why not make petrol 10 cents a gallon" Now hang on here. This is sickening for 2 reasons. 1 why the hell do we want to encourage more of these bloody things on the roads! If these twats think they are being hard done by with their petrol prices they should do one of two things. 1 come to Europe and 2 BUY A FUCKING FUEL ECONOMIC CAR!. The second reason this irritates me is that it shows there is an American feeling that they own Iraq. Its not right to think they can just stroll around the world and do this especially over something as futile as petrol.

And thats that I guess I've made my feelings know etc etc either way I'm satisfied. I've got an English Exam tommorow which will be a tad irritating although I will get the morning off. Heres hoping I suppose.

Daves thought of the Day: It is better to have a job that is motivational and stimulating rather that doing something horrible just for the money.


Dave said…
Grrr, damn Americans!

ps, not all Americans
Anonymous said…
Now they're just taking the piss. When will this madness ever end?
fpoole said…
Ah, but I am coming to Europe. :D
(probably after two years or so uni, I'll finish in Koeln. :D)
Lewis said…

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