Technology confounds me again

Well you may have been surprised enough to see a lack of pictures in my last two posts. Well this is down to the fact the dongle programme on me bluetooth had buggered up due to my Dads interferance and now I can't transfer any data from me phone because windows has to mess with the programme due to the plug and play thing that pops up as i try to reinstall the programme and ruins everything so it doesnt work properly. I can't for the life of me remember how I got it working before and that was enough of a struggle. Not only that but my keyboard has gone to the dogs with the space bar not working properly and makingitsowhenItypetherearenospaceseventhoughIpressthebuttonwithsomeforceand......... there its come unstuck again For now.....
John if you have a Sitecom CN500 bluetooth dongle from Maplins can you please help!


Jon said…
Have you tried reinstalling the drivers you got with the dongle?
Dave said…
Dongle - hehe, what a silly name :D
Lewis said…
Dongle! :D

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