GAH! What an annoying Day.

Well as you may have guessed from the title i've had something of a bad day today. Well thats true. Firstly I woke up tired and realised that tommorow I would have to be up and about for this time tommorow. Why because I have to go to France tommorow. I really don't want to go too. The case for going is that the people we are going to be staying with are overall very nice and I get on well with the eldest daughter who is my age. The case against: it takes 5 hours to get to this rented cottage from calais! making the entire journey a Whopping 7 hours!!! Then theres the fact that I know that the second eldest Child who is my brothers age and nearly twice as annoying is going to turn the week into one big fat joke with me as its target. It also requires me to lose 5 days which I could have spent working on a secret plan of mine which has been interfeared in by my family so far and I also would've enjoyed having the house to myself for a while. All in all i'm pissed off about that and there is no chance of me getting off the hook, or at least in a way in which i'm satisfied. Plus I just don't like France very much (picturesque countryside my arse, quaint cottages that look like they were target practise for the Germans during WWII and havent had much renovation since and still have chickens running loose in the yard indeed!?) or the french for that matter (stupid fancy language that I can't understand, and the fact they've never heard of deoderant).

PAh its a complexing problem with no suitible solutions! If someone can come up with a superb plan or at least some kind of teleportation device I would be very grateful (see this is why we should born with the ability to fly)


Jon said…
Geh?! You turn around for a second and what happens? 4 posts appear out of no where. Anywho, good to see you're updating your blog.

At least you're getting away and getting a change of scenery. Maybe you could even buy a buree while you're there.
Dave said…
Traffic bollards, secret plans and going to France! What an interesting summer you must be having. :)

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