As promised in the title i am back and with some stories to tell of what the bugger has been going on in the life of me since i last blogged.
Three days ago I got my GCSE results. I walked into the hall to pick up me results expecting to get about 5 B's at least one A and a D in business studies, Boy was I in for a shock.
Well here is that list of results in total:

Business studies: A!?!?!?!? (HOW THE HELL DID I GET THAT!!!! I CANNA BELIEVE IT!)
English: A
English Litrature: B
Maths: B
Science: AA (I do double science ye see long story)
German: A
GNVQ ICT: Pass (which is essentially a C but its a stupid subject anyway which is far to easy to even be considered as a qualification)

Well I'm still shell-shocked by the results as I did better than I could have ever imagined, but I now worry that I'm becoming a legend in my own mind so I just hope I don't get to complacent.

That aside, as has been well documented by John (Megatrobe) and Dave (Teradud) we all (me Dave John and Baz) went to see I-Robot, and like them I agree that Critics are being very fickle giving this Film a bad review, I mean if you look past the cliched story and the fact that it borrows some idea from Terminator trilogy its a good film and it makes machines look more human at some points (something that the Terminator films certainly didn't do), pah film critics and their overcritical opinions, and thats one of the careers I'm considering in my future (Watch this space).

Also I recently got a new mobile phone (NOOOO THE CHAV IS STRONG IN THIS ONE!) which I think is very nice, it has a camara (always useful hehehehehehe) and MP3 ringtones which I have already customised, so I now have Dr Zaius as my ringtone (heheheehe). Don't worry though as I'm not making some sort of hideous transformation into a chav, I still have a violent hatred of all chav kind! And the day burberry caps and shell suits make it into my wardrobe is the day i turn into a rasberry and get eaten by Lucy in the sky (with diamonds). That aside too I think i might be going frog side this week (noooo not the frogs) to britanny to be precise. The catch is I know its going to be disasterous. We (me and my family) are going to be spending the days with my dads best friend and his children (one girl two boys) but I know that their second born, who's my brothers age, will make the usual stress i suffer from that brotherly spats even greater considering he gets no end of entertainment from making my brother laugh (not difficult to do at all I mean you can make the fool the laugh by saying "fat" in a funny voice and there're both 14!?) so basically its gonna be one long fat joke all week long with me being the butt of that joke. For christ sake I know im overweight by most standards but I'm NO RICK WALLER!
Well even that aside School starts soon NOOOO! but it starts even sooner for my brother who has a everlasting hate of school muahahaahahaah

Well that was entertaining I would Blog more If my idiot of a brother got off the computer more and got out with his friends (who he never speaks about but assures me that he's got more than me, ha!) and then says I should spend less time on the computer, pah what does that fool know.


Dave said…
The wonders of being the youngest child, it sure is great :) It's also nice being about the only person in the family who uses the computer for more than an hour a day. I guess I'm just lucky.

And a transportable telephone? Ah, I've heard of those things. What marvelous gadgets they are. I've still yet to get one though. Firslty, I rarely go out and need to phone home. Secondly, they cost too much. I guess I'm just a bit behind the times.
Dave said…
well my phone was free as its on contract
Chard said…
oooh what is the number i can use to contact you???!

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