50 Cent bottles it

Well I'm going to elaborate on the title a bit for those who don't know. 50 Cent world renowned rapper and chav role model (he's been shot 6 time you know so is obviously well 'ard) was pelted with bottles (plus a camping chair at one point) and was forced to end his headlining performance on the main stage of the Reading festival. To be honest I don't feel a great deal of sympathy towards him considering Reading is a rock festival and therefore it is naive and stupid of the booking firm to book a rap artist and not expect trouble. Its not the first time the organisers have made such a blunder as this only 4 years ago they booked an annoying pop duo seldom remembered today who I won't talk about less I stray from the subject too much, subsequently they were pelted with tomatoes and other such vegetables. Silly silly naive fools those orgainisers.

I also got out today (let the joy bells ring muzaltah) I went out to enjoy the fine weather at first with my travelling companion Robert Guest. We later met with my other friends Matt and Tom at Pickhurst Park (which is adjacent to my primary school for you trivia fans out there) Where I was shown that they had found a discarded traffic bollard (you know those blue yellow and white cuboids in the middle of the roads) we hid it so we could later return for it. We then headed from Pickhurst park to Beckenham high street where we saw a film called the Village at Beckenham cinema. All in all it wasnt a bad film, but it has quite a twist at the end. I then treked home and that was the end of my exiting adventure.

I guess I better make the most of these adventures as school starts soon, which will see very little of my free time utilised in the way I would like. Especially if I get a weekend job. Oh well the times they are a'changing.


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