CHAV Music Just keeps getting worse goddam' it!

Hello children the focus of today's second blog! (how do I do it?) is How Chav music is, well, still pissing me off, but now those evil chavs in the music industry have found another way to influence music with chav culture. I'm talking about those terrible songs which are accompanied by an answer in another song. To elaborate on this further I will use an example: Earlier this year an American chav called Eamon (American as apple pie eh?) got dumped by his girlfriend Frankee (bloody Americans can't spell, like most English chavs really), instead of dealing with the break up like any normal man he instead makes a song about how its her fault they broke up and I think you get the idea of this tone by the name of the song "Fuck you I don't want you back" you've probably heard of that. As if people (well me) didn't care before, the afore mentioned Frankee makes a reply song called "Fuji you right back", both these songs reached Number one in the UK charts at least once, the latter remained at No 1 for a number of weeks if memory serves. What makes this worse is the stupid bint uses the same music tempo and rhyme scheme for her song so it is essentially the same song but with different lyrics sung by a woman. All in all both songs seem to define chav culture completely what with the "dissing" of each other over each song. The worst thing is they are bringing a relationship I didn't care about before (nor was I aware of) into the domain, I mean who the hell gives a damn about their relationship and subsequent break-up.
I have recently noticed another couple following suit which is what has prompted to blog about this tomfoolery.
Mario Winans wrote a song about his relationship break up although to be fair to this man he is a renowned artist although I'm not very keen on his music and his song is a lot less Bitchy than Eamon and Frankee but who I'm assuming is his ex-girlfriend has made a song which has, wait for it, the same music tempo etc and is shockingly similar which seems to be the reply to his song, once again WHO CARES!!!! I don't give a damn about someone I don't knows relationship with someone. Can't these idiotic women who are trying to almost make a point by "bitching" about how their ex-boyfriends are bad in bed etc and seem to be making some sort of feministic point that women can look to when they are feeling oppressed etc. Not only that these stupid women also will have to pay a large percentage of their royalties to their male counterparts, Yeah they really showed them!
I don't understand it really. Stupid capitalist chavs.


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