Well as you might of guessed from the title, yes its true dear readers, I have pulled myself out of the gutter and entered part time employment. My Stup..I mean wise employer is Waitrose supermarkets Ltd part of the John Lewis partnership (Just Waitrose for short). My illustrious job is to stack shelves, Cue applause. The only downfall is that I must give up four hours of my Friday evening and most of Sunday to perform the tasks for which I have been employed. Ho hum I guess you dont get something for nothing. I still get the best part of Friday evening to perform my debautched tasks. Well that being said I am getting paid Handsomly ( per week to be precise). Oh well that aside half term is ended sadly so I am back at school that place of pain (well mild indifferent pain anyway). Its funny as I realise I'm giving up about 75% (huge estimation dont quote me on that) of my free time volentarily. Then again it is for a better future. That being said IF THE AMERICANS VOTE BUSH IN FOR A SECOND TERM IM GONNA BE CROSS! Expect a blog on this on Thursday.


Dave said…
Ah, congratulations Dave.

And we'll all be cross if Bush gets in again, and he probably will :(

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