Well that's it readers divine. I've just heard on the news that John Kerry has conceded to George (dubya) Bush in the US election. I do agree with others when they say that both candidates were shite, as one is an imbecile and the other seems as if he's made of wood and has a big chin! It proves that America can be domineered by the idiot, redneck evangelical, hicks over the actual intelligent and nice people. Ones who don't believe that other skin colours apart from white and those who don't believe in the Jesus are evil. Well I'm sorry I've never been a fan of some of the American people. Especially these ignorant millions who believe that the war on terror is a force for good in the world. PEOPLE WHO NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES TO THE BIGGER PICTURE OF THE STATE OF THE WORLD! I don't see the next 4 years, in relation to world unity and peace, being smooth. I do fear that with a group of Hawks leading an Economic and Militaristic Giant such as America whether we as a race of 6 billion (I think) will survive. There are too many things that could go wrong. Firstly I believe that that Idiotic Muslim fanatic Bin Laden is not just making idle threats and is really planning something horrific. I don't know who will be the target or when this will take place but I have a horrible feeling that something awful could happen with such an inept and war mongering imbecile and his cohorts in charge of the worlds most powerful nation. Especially with clear home support. I worry I really do.


Anonymous said…
I see why you almost always have "0 comments" in your blog. All your crap about "idiot, redneck evangelical" let me know that you feed yourself with all the propaganda of the world. Use internet to grow up (intelectually) and you will discover that there are more things that propaganda can show you.

fpoole said…
Oh yeah, Bush voting scumbag idiots would be ones to talk about propaganda. you've really got no message but "let's stay in power and ruin more lives/take more money while we're at it"

Deustches, I can relate.
Chard said…
At least he has the sense to remain anonymous so we dont flame him down. We have fpoole on our side MWAHAHA!! Anon, check my blog in a bit.

Deutsches, rant all you like!
Jon said…
Bush is adopting the same tactics as many American presidents did in the Cold War: inspiring irrational fear into the general populace in order to further his political campaign. Its difficult to tell how much of what we hear about terrorism is true and which is false.
I would tend to agree with Bush on terrorism, it is an evil phenomenon and must be erradicated, and I feel that in some wars his agressive foreign policies are important.
However, I get a feeling of unpredictability from Bush. I'm not sure what it is about him, but sometimes he truly scares me. I fear that Bush sees enemies where there are none. For example: China. In some ways it is good that Bush keeps a firm eye on China, however I wonder if China is the militaristic dictarorship it is made out to be. Perhaps, if unprovoked, it could evolve into a democracy.
I also worry about Bush's stance on Europe. How does he see us? What will become of trans-atlantic relations under 4 more years of Bush?
No Pantz said…
Don't listen to the media. All of it is biased in one way or another. Fox loves Bush and everyone else hates Bush. To say that that is not the case just shows how many people are blind about everything. An example would be on election night. I'll take the easy route and talk about Dan Rather and CBS. He was the only one saying that Kerry can still win it while every other news station said even if it comes to a tie (which it won't) that Bush will win because of the House of Rep. having a majority of Republicans. IF you didn't know or hear it a million times last night on the news, the House would decide the President if it comes to a tie in the electoral college.
I voted for Bush because of his views and what he stands for. I'm actually from Ohio. I don't go to church nor am I a crazy hick. Kerry didn't have a stance at all unless he was in front of a group of people where he had to.
Also your title of this post makes no sense at all. Because the simple truth is that democracy did work. Bush won the electoral college and also won the pop. vote this time around. And he is now President because of it.
Go ahead and flame me but never did I say anything that wasn't far from the truth nor did I make fun of Kerry. If you (the poster of this blog) want to have a civilized conversation, I'm fine with it. My blog is somewhat of one to just make people laugh and my name is something that people have given me because of my last name so hopefully that won't hurt my credit in your eyes.
Juicio Final said…
I couldn't log in before (I was who posted the first post).

It's really incredible to read that USA media was biased to favor Bush, and what media is menctioned? Fox and only Fox! What about CNN? Is it was biased to favor Bush? And CBS? Also? Have you ever heard about Rathergate?

I'm sorry if you are dissapointed if "your" candidate didn't win, but can't live in such a world of propaganda.
Dave said…
Look its impossible to say that i am biased by the american media due to the fact that I do not live in america.
Chard said…
And the BBC is hardly apeshoit over either
Jon said…
I don't really think bias has much to do with this. Most of the things that shape people's choice of candidate are not hard facts but the general attitude one gets from their stance and actions as a whole.

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