Deutsches a product of propaganda?! You're having a laugh are you not!?

Well it appears that my prompt response to the result of the US election was rather poorly received by some unhappy American chaps, (or chappets as the case may be). Whilst I do apologise if it seems that I have offended or caused an objection with some of these said Americans. Then with that being said I do stand by my comments that Bush is an unfit President for many reasons. The first of which being that he is clearly a puppet with a hand from his close republican hawk friends up his jacksie (that means Ass or Arse as we like to call it). I will back up every single one of my points with obvious and clear evidence. Have any of you noticed that the President could give a speech quite easily or answer questions at a pre-arranged event. Mainly because he has been pre-prepared for the questions he needs to answer. Nothing wrong with that almost all politicians must do this and anyone else preparing to give a speech, but have you ever noticed that when on the spot with no help from his “friends” he is quite helpless and spews out jargon! Not only that but he makes up weird non-existent words such as Misunderestimated as the classic examples. For heavens sake! Books of these strange words he’s invented have been published in this country since barely six months into his first term in office. Now what does that say to any person? This man clearly does not have the headspace to be in charge of the world’s most powerful nation. That is the point I’m going to make about that aspect but there is another that I’d like to consider which is more personal. I have read the comments posted on my last serving and to be quite frank I feel that some of them are unfair. I say some of them because I must stand back and say that some have been very fair and balanced although not in my favour, but that is fine for we all live in free nations who have freedom of speech and press. What I also should state is that I have been unfair to those who voted for Bush, categorising them into a group of “rednecks, hicks and evangelical Christians. I can understand that others obviously voted for Bush heck! Over 59 million people voted for him, but I do believe that a large amount of said lowlifes did vote for Bush. That aside I in response to what was originally an anonymous comment, I’m pleased to see that writer was man enough to repost with a name later, but I do feel that some things in the original comment were unjust. He/she quotes
“I see why you almost always have "0 comments" in your blog. All your crap about "idiot, redneck evangelical" let me know that you feed yourself with all the propaganda of the world. Use internet to grow up (intelectually) and you will discover that there are more things that propaganda can show you.”
Now let me tell you something here. I cannot be fed off propaganda as I hear the news from a whole range of different mediums. I see it from the american media’s point a view (we get CNN and FOX news over here) I also see it from the British media’s (well I do live in Britain it’s hard not to) but I have seen enough to form my own opinions. Not only that but I feel that I have a fairly good idea of the different parts of the world and am not biased towards any one nation. However I do think that Bush has no right to invade a country like Iraq over the most tenuous of links with Al Quaeda and with mis-informed evidence. What america need to seriously realise is that it cannot police the world. We tried and failed after all. I say to this person I don’t need to grow intellectually using the internet as some of the material I see comes from the internet anyway. Also in response to what he/she said later NO I HAVENT HEARD OF RATHERGATE! Oh one more thing. Sorry to No Pantz who commented as I said before I do accept obviously not all Bush voters are Jesus frenzied idiots (although I must say I don’t see how you can like what Bush represents but that’s just me. Then again its true what you say I do think Kerry is made out of wood personally and has a big chin and that) , I have seen your work and its pretty good and I wont flame you as that’s not in my nature when someone has made a fair point, which quite frankly you have. Keep it up mate :)


fpoole said…
Nice return to form mate!

Why can't my president manage something like that...? :S
Chard said…
I think there isnt anyone who doesnt know why Bush wouldn't be like that fpoole.

"I believe the human being and the fish can co-exist peacefully" - Dubya
fpoole said…
Would that be Flippy the three-eyed "nyoookyoolurr" fish?
Chard said…

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