Annoyance Aplenty this Friday night!

Hello all who read this blog tis I teh auter and I'm gonna post a blog about my dissatisfaction about little details of my life.

PART ONE: People who distribute video games to the retailers should be strung up
Allow me to elaborate a bit here, the reason I be a tad peed off about this is because I was highly anticipating the launch of a rather nice looking game called Dragonball Z Budokai 3 which I was told by most reputable retailers and websites that it would almost certainly be coming out today. Sadly to my horror yesterday I noticed some of these reputable websites had changed the launch date. This was all a bit much for me as I'd had a fruitless trip to Bromley last week to purchase said game to be told it was coming out today. Now this! Its not good enough! WHY THE WAIT THE GAME IS FINISHED!!! I hate this slap dash and rather poorly planned release system which seems to make seemingly untrustworthy promises. Its not that the game needs work, infact the game I want so badly is probably piled high in a warehouse somewhere in the country waiting to be dispatched. This is what ticks me off the most that it is physically ready but for some bureaucrat to step in and say (in a boring sorta voice) no we cant release it yet there is a unfilled out form so we must fill them all out again and it will take an extra week to do it! PAH! I dispise bureaucrats!

PART TWO!: Work is a downer!
I was able to successfully get a job a couple of weeks ago but now the prospect isn't so rosy as it means I am forced to work all day on a Sunday, completely sacrificing my Sunday morning lie in. To be honest I preferred doing nothing all day. For gods sake I only get two days a week to waste my time. The thing which pains me the most is that this isn't forced labor that I do. I go to school and work through option now. There is actually little stopping me from dropping out of both. I can't believe it I've just caused these problems for myself here! Then again I've only had one day of work so far so things may change for the better. time will certainly tell. I just hope I can swap my hours round a bit so I don't need to work the Friday

Well those are my weekly grievances out the way for now


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