To London to see light shined on a big wall

Well that's right kiddies I had another joyous trip to the cinema to see a film. I do so enjoy film studies and I'm going to New York thanks to that.
Anyways on to a long and over detailed description of the day. I had me first few lessons and they kind sucked history actually required work and in Psychology I discovered I'm dangerously stressed and I had a free period first thing that was just dull. Not only that I was forced to listen to the drama group acting out kind of Christmas plays nearby on the otherside of the hall which included one girl (who's called sydney I think) WHO COULD NOT STOP SCREAMING ARRGH IT WAS SO ANNOYING, especially as I was trying to write an essay still though that's boring so I'll stop right there.
Here seems like a decent point to splice in some random pics from this week to save my audience falling asleep:

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John and Dave pose for looks of sceptism and shock at school

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Talk of swans proved too much for Matt so much so even Chris had too look away

Well I left school pretty much round mid day and skipped merrily to the station (not actually true) then met with Louis and Stewie (hehhehe that rhymes) And we boarded the train to London yehhaaaaaaaaa etc etc blah blah.

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Here Stewie tries a new look on the Train (I know I'm confused too)

Then we we headed off for eats me being the greedy twat that I am had a XL bacon double which was alright by fast food standards although stewie had a super size meal so maybe I'm not that bad.
We then headed to the Filmatorium (cinema) even though Saville tried to lead us the wrong way we got there in the end and I payed an extortionate amount for a large packet of Skittles (I'm hooked by them I tell you I love the sugary rush and hate the burn out after! I'm a shameless junkie I am!) and a Small (Thats right a small) coke that cost me £4,35! DAMN YOU UCG CINEMAS! Me and Stewie then sat down to watch whilst Louis Mysteriously disappeared. The Film was Garden State which was Had the bloke off of Scrubs (I don't know his name) who writes directs and stars in this film. To sum it all up bloke on some sort of emotionally suppressive drugs visits home town in 9 years for mothers funeral and encounters quirky towns people and eventually sorts out his demons finds love and learns to "feel" again. Well that's how I saw it anyway. On the whole I thought it was a well cast well directed and funny film. Its not Hollywood so its easier to believe in the story and the actions taking place in this film. Whether, like me you like intelligent film or not its definitely worth seeing. Especially good if you love a good old soppy romantic endings (I just like them that's all).
Then we made for home (well me Louis and Stewie anyway) luckily we managed to lose Gary who had been tailing me all day (DERN THAT COCONUT HEADED CHAV!!) Then the rest is as they say NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!! :) Peace out Players!!!! (funny quote from the film)


Jon said…
Darn those overpriced cinemas! If only someone would save us.

*enter cimema man!*

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