Free at last after a completly wasted day

Well thats right I'm now hacked free from the shackles of school now if only I could hack the chains of work off. Today was a complete waste of my time. I knew that I had only one lesson today which was actually quite important but having braved the rain on the way to school it was all in vain as I found the lesson had been cancelled. I then proceeded to just hang around the place randomly hanging with whoever passed (Arn't I sad and clingy). I then made a quick trip to Eden park to buy some nibbles for this form party thing we were gonna have. On my travels I came across

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ROSTI!!!! Sadly I didnt stay to chat with him as it was pissing down and I had a mission to accomplish

Next on the fun roster of fun came the Assembly. I was expecting about half an hour of arse kissing the rugby and hockey team from the headmaster but thankfully that was all done in about 15 minutes. Then we were treated to some entertainment. First up was that Becky whatsherface from my psychology class who did a very nice bit of singing, that is a talent. Next came a group of boys and girls from my year dancing to chav music (gary must have been in heaven) This is NOT a talent. Then was more singing from Ashley and loads of other random people which I must say wasnt too bad. All in all the singing parts had been good whilst the dancing bits had been totally shite. The whole thing had been moderately reminiscant of a thing from my primary school called "pickhurst discoveries" (you know and love it eh?) which mostly included a load of girls miming badly to the Spice Girls (as was the style of the age) Then again I was in it one year (NO I DIDNT SING TO THE SPICE GIRLS) and was a great success although only one person remembers it who wasnt in it (you know who you are). Anyway we were then given the news that we could leave after that so I couldnt make use of the Pringles I had bought along, I am eating them as I write this hehehehehehe! I got totally soaked on the way home and was pissed off that I had been made to go in for nothing. Still though ALMOST FREE (DAMN YOU WORK!)
Here are some random pics of the day

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As you can see I embraced the Christmas cheer and was lit up by the Gods for it (not really but still it looks cool)

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Steve also joined the party (hehehe he looks like an elf)

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As did Tom (ELF! COUGH! ELF!)

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COCKBURN!!!! Sounds rather unpleasant to me!
Peace out players! until next time!


Jon said…
Tell it preacher!
Dave said…
cockburn? *snigger*

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