The slow death of Christmas

Yes indeed folks, the fleeting period of festivities is over – well, over at least until the shops get their way to start flogging Christmas goods weeks after we take the decorations down, either that or we endure a perpetual Christmas season forced by the shops. Think about it, I’m sure we can use the economy to justify it somewhere.

It’s been an odd Christmas this year as it has felt like everyone has been trying to ignore the event so it will go away or have been begrudgingly accepting it at the very least, whilst really not wanting it to be there. Basically Christmas this time around has been a bit like a mangy blind old dog, with bladder problems, that just won’t leave you alone.

This year has been a real old-school “hard times” kind of Christmas. I’m quite honestly surprised we didn’t all get assigned regulation fingerless gloves and tatty macs. All the components were there, the snow, the recession, the alcoholism etc. It’s been a real taste of the 1980s.

Well, we might as well get used to the grim situation, even as we take down our Christmas decorations with that thin veil of regret that always tinges the occasion. Still the sparkly babuls, tinsel and the ad nauseum repetition of Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade, didn’t really distract people as much as it usually does.

Then again what do we have to look forward to now, as we endure eating the shit pie of going back to work (assuming you have a job in the first place of course, these being hard times after all) although this year we have been served a cool refreshing glass of piss to wash it all down with a VAT increase into the bargain.

And with that Christmas is finished for another year, until we start all over again in 11 months’ time.

(P.S. Did anyone think that from the title and picture that I was going to be discussing at length the disembowelment of Father Christmas? You did? You have a sick mind for making such a link.)


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