I don’t know what it is about Apple. Whether it be the smugness of people who swear by its products, or the increasing ubiquity of the brand; I just don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone and iPad are pretty and shiny bits of kit and Steve Jobs is undoubtedly a marketing and computing genius but there is something that alienates me about Apple.

Now for one thing, people who worship Jobs get on my nerves. I know the man is infinitely more charismatic and likeable than the likes of Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison and as I said before I respect what he’s achieved. Then again, I also equate Jobs to a drug dealer who gets you hooked on his expensive wears. This cartoon explains the matter further.

I am not a fan of how restrictive Apple products are. Sure, “there’s an app for everything” and all that, but I dislike the fact that the company keeps trying to make its customers use its own software instead of giving users access to apps and programmes they are familiar with and that are proven successes (Flash *Cough* FlashPlayer).

This then leads me to a major problem with Apple: iTunes. iTunes is horrible, just horrible. It is awkward to use, saps RAM from your PC and doesn’t support many music file formats. Then you have to contend with the fact that most Apple devices insist on you using the Bastard thing.
However, can 10 billion app downloaders be wrong? (Answer: yes, just because a lot of people like something doesn’t necessarily make it right or good, it might just mean they might be restricted to it by forces outside their control. Might I direct you to Nazi Germany or Sky TV as an example).

Mr Jobs also isn’t keen for users to freely download uncensored apps. A fair consideration in the case of porn, which could make upper middle class parents think twice before buying their precious Tabitha or Tristam an iPad for their birthday (although Hugh Hefner claims that the entire back catalogue of Playboy is coming to iPad, uncensored) but banning an app because of swearing, well that is just pathetic – fucking pathetic even. If I want to play Cuntblaster 3.0 on my iPod that’s my bloody choice ok!


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