Can We Please Shut the Rooney-Gate

Now I know I won’t be the only online commentator making a reference to this matter this week; but will people please shut up about Wayne Rooney’s desire to leave Manchester United FC.

Just stop it, forget it exists and move on! Seriously close your eyes, and think very hard about not thinking about Wayne Rooney. There are so many better things in the world to focus on for example. Flowers come to mind, or kittens etc. Just don’t think about stroppy professional footballers.

Rooney is a spud faced, over moneyed, blustering, chest beating little man-child, who is whining because his boss gave him a telling off one too many times. Besides, he hasn’t been playing very well recently, so why does a man of his status and salary deserve any coddling?

Rooney’s star has been falling fairly steadily since the disappointing world cup showings. Sure, there have been some flashes of brilliance but ultimately he has been underwhelming. This matter is not helped by his frustrated approach to matters and by throwing his toys out of the pram when things don’t go his way. There is no way he can pretend to be the victim in this matter, whether he attempts to seize the moral high ground or not.

Ok, to be blunt this story is only running because the newsmakers know a good story when they see it, but now the story is being flayed of all its meat and the carcass is being kicked about. Besides, since Alex Ferguson made it known that Mr Wayne was unhappy at the team, there has been little to no development in the issue. Still you can rely on there being a few column inches dedicated to the matter in tomorrow’s papers.


Gorilla Bananas said…
Rooney is more arse than class. And he has the face of a resentful stoat.
Liam104 said…
actually, for some reason, the press have a long running resentment of footballers and will always chase managers and players for stories that arn't really there. it all started after 1985 when journalism in sport coinsided with the rise of the football superstar. unfortunately the press seem to hinder british football than help it which is a shame seeing as the majority of sports readers would hope english footballers do well. this rooney story is not over blown either. every club has their talismanic players. if rooney leaves, van der sar retires and the also imminant curtain calls for giggs and scholes, mancherster united will not be the same team any more. ferguson may finally call it a day and that would be a major milestone in british football. remember he is the longest serving premiership manager with wenger in second roony's depature is fueled by a lack of ambition from the glazer led investors. if rooney is upset the most famous team in the world can no longer sign the best players over the money throwing man city, barcalona and real madrid does it not upset the balance of footballing status quo that would see man united slip down the league. with football the way it is currently, especially in this economic climate, rooney's desire to leave could be a much bigger story than and simple rattle out of a pram. in addition rooney is only 24. if he thinks he's worth more elsewhere sobeit. a lot of people forget that an outfield footballer will end their carrer in their mid thirties at latest. rooney is not only finding himself but his wife and children with a carrer that will only last 10 more years minus any unforeseen injuries. he has every right to attmept to win the most medals and earn the most money. like everyone tries to acheive in live. except he has the skill to and position to do it. and no one can begrudge him that
Dave said…
Well whilst what you say is mostly true, I still find it hard to sympathise with someone earning that kind of money. The medals is a moot point of course, but with the money he's earning he can hardly say he's not going to survive on a pay cut. He would still be paid far more than what the average joe earns, so he will always be comfortable despite the short career span. Also his performance has been fairly poor of late. I know he's young but in a performance dependant culture as the Premier League it's not acceptable.

I suppose this only highlights the issues I have with footballers earning the astronomical figures that they do and I feel it highlights the shakey ground that the game is placing itself on. Look at the likes of Man United and Liverpool. Both world recognised brands and both are loss making clubs. Soon will come a time when chairmen wont be able to justify the costs.

Also I completely forgot to mention in the post the situation is partially the fault of the press anyway, with all the kiss and tell stories of prostitues claiming to have slept with Rooney. You can see why he might want to leave the country to escape the British press.

At the end of the day I made my comments speaking as someone who is not really a football fan and as someone who wants the whole issue to stop being given the pressing importance that it's been granted.

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