Would You Want To Spend An Evening In With These People?

T Mobile have been playing catch up to the highly successful Orange Wednesday two for one cinema promotion by teaming up with flagging video rental chain Blockbuster. The result has been a TV ad campaign where idiots from the public get to make their own (cheap budget) ad, advertising the sort of theme night they would host for their film night. Now T-Mobile has a long and proud history of making some really grating adverts; the flash-mob dance in Liverpool Street being a shining example of this whimsical communal bullshit. So in that way these ads are a continuation of the brand’s tradition.

The people in the clips are eye-poppingly annoying, especially as they don’t look like the types that would have friends, and would sit at home alone acting out scenes from their favourite films with puppets made of their own faeces.

Don’t believe me? Then watch this 101 lesson in psychotic behaviour. The woman is having a conversation with a home-made mannequin with a balloon head – and which bursts for god’s sake! Now are the advertisers trying to say that mild mental delusion is all a big joke? I guess in that sense we’ve gone back to the nineteenth century where it is acceptable - nay fashionable – to go to a nut house and laugh at all the silly dribbling ‘crazies’. But this is the twenty first century of course, so why not go to watch a film with one of them?

Another frightening look into the nights in of the future involves a crazy mumbling cowpoke, on an inflatable horse. To be fair this chap doesn’t look as mentally unwell as the previous film night host, but instead he just seems incredibly annoying. Also how does he expect to sit down and watch the film with the inflatable horse, which would almost certainly get in the way? Is he planning to stand up for the two hours of the film?

Now I generally can see what the advert makers have tried to do here. They’ve clearly tried to make these commercials seem light hearted and a bit funny by letting the public take control of the creative content, remembering the Big Brother maxim: stick a camera in front of a member of the public and they will relinquish all dignity just to be noticed. Well this is a classic example of that. That is if it is just a ruse from the ad makers to make us believe the public is generally this deliberately idiotic.

So how would a night go if I was to go for a movie night with either the erstwhile cowpoke, or the insane woman and her balloon headed concubine? Well I could see myself arriving at the door, maybe bringing a bottle of wine as a friendly gesture; a few awkward silences would take place; we play a game of charades where the host switches between all their schizophrenic split personalities; a few hours pass; I get brutally hacked to death and buried under their patio, and/or cooked. Failing that I’ll be asked to join a cult of some sort. If the theme of the night is cannibal horror then alarm bells will definitely start ringing.


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