Lacking Inspiration

What Can I say except it is hard to focus on things when you have spent the whole day stuffing envelopes. Envelopes that are being sent to big names such as Ross Kemp or Sir Bob Geldof and will probably never be looked at twice before they end up in the bin. Still that's the price I pay for fairly flexible work whilst temping. It's just money at the end of the day.

As a quick moan. Don't you find it annoying when parents of murdered problem children claim their children wouldn't have hurt a fly. How the bloody hell do they normally find themselves in that kind of situation in the first place do you think? I mean there are notable exceptions to the rule like for instance the Rhys Thomas case last year.

Now don't get me wrong the death of a child is a horrible horrible thing, especially if they are killed as an innocent bystander. But in the many cases the child was a little hellion and then for the parents to try and paint a tawdry picture portraying their child as an angel who was just there with the wrong people etc is insulting to our intellegence.

There was one particular case last year near where I live, where a young boy of about 15-16 was killed in what can only be called a gang-fight. His parents then came out and made the point that he was a lovely lad really and wouldn't have hurt a fly. My question then is what was he doing at a gang fight. I bet they were just having a little disagreement over penny sweets that got out of hand. I'm sure he was just stepping in to inform his chums that fighting is against the law and can be punished with a criminal record and was caught up by accident.

Some children quite frankly bite off more than they can chew and I can offer little sympathy to them. For their parents, (who can be delusional but grief does horrible things) I offer 100% sympathy. I do realise this contradicts my previous gripe but is it really necessary for the papers to give their grief space like that. It just makes a fool of everyone.

As you can see I'm not really firing on all cylinders at the moment so I best end it there.


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