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I could begin this post with Welsh like saying Creso (welcome) but to be honest I'd rather distance myself from that language as much as possible for obvious reasons.
I just wanted to keep this blog going and keep everyone updated on the goings on here in Cardiff as quite a few things have happened.

As you may expect lectures have started but its's all been very interesting so far. Its been quite quirky too, for instance in my first lecture we ended up viewing a clip of the Simpsons and an American Football game, albeit only so the lecturer could demonstrate his point. Things got weirder by the end of the week when in Cultural Critism I was asked to culturally consider a giant box of cornflakes. Yes indeed, lectures have been anything but dull.

Other happenings; I've been out a few times this week, One notable occasion was where I went to see a stage hypnotist. Now I have never before in my life seen a live hypnotism and have regarded it with a mixture of sceptism and curiosity, but in its defence it did make me and others feel tired when he was putting people under. The results of which were quite funny like making people mime Madonna and making one of the blokes think his penis was talking to him.
I have also been out for drinks for a few nights this week too (as one would expect from a student) I haven't gone massively out of control, seemingly my body won't let me become really drunk no matter how much I've tried the last couple of times I've been out. However I have seeminly developed some kind of cultish fervor from the drunk people in my house recieving the nicknames 'Dangerous Dave and 'Dave the Rave' in one night. Being last night specifically.

This has proven interesting as a similar thing happened at home inspite of me not really doing anything spectacular and leads me to wonder why I am worshipped for doing very little albeit by people who are mostly drunk at the time. I suspect people are being Ironic but hey its not too invasive here so I don't really mind but I do feel this kind of attention is better spent on someone who actually tries (albeit not too hard) to do crazy things or socialise harder than I do.

Either way I've found the whole University experience quite enriching really and think the next few years look positive for now. I've also enjoyed to an extent (without being psychopathic) watching people 'dying' from the infamous 'Freshers Flu' whilst feeling quite chipper myself. I've also enjoyed hearing about other peoples random news about Uni which brings me on to my next point.

Everyone (who was going to Uni this year) Has GONE!? Thats right the clan has now been scattered to 3 of the 4 corners of the UK with Me, Dauve and Drew in the West. Dan, Nick, Steve and Lewis in the North and Matt, Rob and Jon in the Midlands. I say the corners but I suppose me and Dauve and Drew are representing the southern section too owing to our positioning. Anyway I digress but the fact is we've all been split and face our own exploits whilst here instead of sharing in our usual high jinks which is weird. Especially for the likes of me and Drew who are the only representatives at our respective universitys.

Still though we'll be back soon I suppose, me sooner than the others as I return to West Wickham this weekend, owing to my birthday on tuesday, so I can see my relatives and Chard who is left behind. I do intend to complain that the area has gone down hill as I no longer live there full time and drastically as I've been gone for only about 3 weeks.

Thats all for now.


Jon said…
Oh yes, West Wickham is not what it used to be. Nowadays gangs of chavs roam the streets with uzis and rabid dogs rip orphans to shreds.
Anonymous said…
In my day you could spick any and all the random chavs you saw walking down the street, and expect no more than a grunt in return. Now it's all uzis and machetes.

It's not like it used to be, that's for sure.
Dan said…
Damn Chavs. Of which there are none in York. Yay for civilised people!

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