A Transitional Time

Hello to thee who readeth this blog.

You may have noticed its been a while since I blogged. This is actually owing to the fact its extemely difficult to get on the PC these days in me homested as my Dad has been using it non-stop to work on. So busy has he been that it's even been quite difficult to get on this contraption to do homework which has been unnaturally flying at me left right and centre.

In other news I handed in my notice to work last week which they took with some surprise owing to the fact that I've only been with them for 4 months. true this doesnt look great on a CV but I really dont want to continue. Stacking shelves is not worth it! Not only that but a number of my collegues have been sympathetic to this idea and personally I believe that soon my section at work may have somewhat of a labour crisis. I know at least two other people who are going to leave quite soon. Oh well I have my last Sunday this weekend, so yippie no more waking up a 8 O clock in the morning for me!
Anyway it wouldn't be a proper blog from me if I didn't include some pictures so the pictoral part of this blog now comenceth.

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As you can see the prescence of Matts new I-River had him in quite a state to begin with.

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Nick was quite happy at this too.

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Rob as you can see was a bit envious of this and immidiatly began formulating a plan involving pullies and a banana.

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Lewis actually took some time rock out. There are some strange things going on at the moment (then again he was rocking out to YMCA)

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Matt here finds that the Sausage rolls in our school canteen taste of ass the hard way.

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Here Matt labels Paul (Fool or Bromus) as a twat, no surprises there.

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Here is a rather funny looking picture of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott I found in the Sun newspaper (for those of you who don't know of it consider yourselves lucky it shows just how low a Murdoch Tabloid can go)

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Here is more nonsense from the sun but this time directing their stupidity at Cherie Blair.

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This is me Chavving things up a bit. You messez wid us ya getz bere kiks!!!

This is the part of the blog that actually takes some structure as on a film trip I had this week I took a few pictures. We first of all met at the station and got a train towards London town.

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Here we see Louis and Chris Longhurst had opposite Franz Ferdinand T-shirts and it created a sort of mirror like effect.

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Stewie answers his Matrix style phone

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As you can see Scott has quite a high opinion of himself.

Anyway that was the train journey part of the trip out the way. We then headed from Charing X to Leicester Square where we went to get lunch.

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Here I learned the hard way that Super Sized XL Bacon Doubles are a bad thing in the end.

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Look at the size comparison (Small to Super left to right) Super Sized drinks are sooooo huge!

Well that was Lunch over. We then walked off to Covent Garden to see the film "Sideways"

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But on the way I stopped to browse throught the wares of this quaint shop.

The film was surprisingly good. It focuses on the mid-life crisis' of two old friends who are completly different. One being a depressive wine expert and the other being a stupid by comparison party animal actor. They go on journey to the wine country of California, to "go wine tasting and play some golf" in aid of one of their impending marriages.Unfortunatly for the depressive guy the other bloke, who is actually getting married, has other ideas of fun and it goes from there.
Overall I thought this was an impressive film with some truly funny moments mixed with some more serious points. Of course it is difficult for me to relate to the idea of a mid-life crisis, but like in Garden State there is something real about this film. Something we are not party to normally.
After the film had finished me and some others went to the Trocadero for a bit and soon me and Stewie decieded to head for home.

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On the way though I found this fantastic book.

Well thats all I'm gonna write about now as my keyboards spacebar is utterly buggered and its becoming a real pain to continue
Later on me peeps!


Lewis said…
Damnit, I look stupid. But a most informative Blog.
Jon said…
Yo Big D, dat chav picture is well phat (on da pH scale!!!).
Chard said…
Didn't I come up with phat on da pH scale?
Love is all said…
I fuckin love James Wilson, he is so sexy!!

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