The end of an era

Wellity wellity me blog fans it seems that half term is over before it even began, well the fact is its done with.
The reason my title seems quite final is because I'm finally free from working. Some may call me stupid as I've said goodbye to making over £200 per month but I say Pah! The work was unessarily unpleasant and the hours lame. Its not worth doing in a nutshell.
Anyway I might as well now take the time to explain how the remainder of half term went.

Thursday: Worked on the Dave Cut of the Juggle Rap.

Friday: Went to work which wasn't too bad as I knew the end was near. Not only the cool manager was in (he's called Jon which seems to me to ooze coolness from all the Jons I know). It was not so bad in all. I will certainly miss the folks I worked with. Excluding Laura Messenger but I've already explained my hatred there (maybe I should let go of the hate...nah).

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Meet for the first and last time Deli Dave (a bit like burger Barry but with less job experience and less fat) This is me wearing Rob Guest's whites at Waitrose. This may have been a more common sight if there had been more space on the Deli Counter.

Then I went out for some Drinks at Matts but that isn't really blogworthy.

Weekend: Its easier for me to summerise this as nothing really happened at all. The only good thing being that I got my Sunday lie in back.

Today: Today ended the Half term, OH THE WOE! It wasn't too bad really as English was cancelled, Film was cool as always. History and Psychology were a bit intense as they involved exam practice. General studies was actually quite good too as we watched a video YAY!
Also IT SNOWED WOO AND YAY! although not very hard BOO AND NAY!

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Heres a view from teh bedroom window earlier when it was quite heavy (yes I told you it was light but its much better out there now but owing to the lack of light there be no point me taking a pic now as it would look shite)

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Here it is from another view

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Here is one exited Dave at the prospect of Snow tommorow when he happens to have 3 free periods BOOSH!
I must Prepare and start putting on layers of thermal clothing
Peace out Playas!


Dave said…
Woo for one of the only days in the year we'll get snow!

It's probably best you quit the job, you don't want to be doing stuff you don't like. Fun needs to be had on those Friday evenings!

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