Run for your lives! Jeremy Corbyn is coming!

Lovers of freedom everywhere rejoiced this week as the world now has a new bogeyman to fear. Bin Laden proved a hard act to follow as far as bearded terrorists who want you, your family and your country dead go but luckily a new challenger has stepped in.

Jeremy Corbyn represents a threat to your family security, a threat to national security and a threat to economic security. These aren't my words. These are in fact the words of PM David Cameron's own twitter account after Corbyn's victory. If this seems ridiculous it's because it is and to make the situation more surreal Russia went on to mock the PM's fear mongering.

Do I like Corbyn? I don't know yet. Do I like what he stands for. Actually yes. Why? He actually seems to want to represent people and help people and seems to represent a bit of a change in a sea of dull complacent familiarity. But for the opposition he's perfect. He's got a beard. He could be portrayed as a terrorist for his history of marching on protests, and to far right people he's practically a communist. Not even Bin Laden was a communist. It's like Christmas has come early (or on time if you enter a UK supermarket about now).

The media has been quick to stir that pot since his victory on Saturday. The red top press has quickly capitalised on a moment yesterday when Corbyn remained silent during the national anthem at a memorial to fallen soldiers.

Here is a quick summery response to this:

1.The anthem is dull and should be replaced with something that actually talks about Britain and not the Queen.

2.What do you expect from an agnostic republican?

3.Since when is silence disrespectful?

4.This is a clear case of divide and conquer that panders to petty us vs them tribalism.

In relation to the last point some rightly noticed that the tabloids made this their top story while ignoring important factors such the cut to tax credits that affect thousands of families (check) and yesterday's cut in inflation, which are probably more newsworthy and actually highlights severe government failings.

I could write a whole article on the Sun's reaction myself considering the hypocrisy of a publication that phone-tapped the royals and is owned by a man who is perhaps not the biggest fan of royalty in general appealed to the masses by disingenuously feigning outrage at a supposed snub of the Queen?

But as usual why let the facts get in the way of a good story. Jeremy Corbyn hates the Queen too. You love the Queen right? Of course you do because you're a good boy or girl. You love Queen and Country. You love your kind leaders and you of course hate Jeremy Goldstei... I mean Corbyn. Or at least that's what the press is telling us, while giving us a comforting pat on the head with one hand and pointing to monsters we should fear with the other.


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