Burger Based Lies

Having been hard at work job hunting for the last couple of months, I have now progressed to the stage of getting regular interviews with prospective employers.

This is also a brief excuse for not updating more regularly. I don’t know who I’m apologising to. Maybe it’s to me? In which case; I’m very sorry me.

In other news, look! Burger King have just been reprimanded by the ASA for displaying a larger than life (literally) burger in one of its adverts. Misleading of course considering if, like me, you’ve been to Burger King, looked at the lovely juicy burger on display on the menu, and been disappointed with the flaccid, unkempt disappointment that is served up to you. That’s right I’m calling a burger from a fast food restaurant disappointment in the shape of a burger! What will the King have to say about that then?

Also what’s up with the King? There is something unnerving, and yet cool about this self appointed, jolly old monarch that seems to like forcing his greasy wares on an unsuspecting public. Something tells me he’s appointed himself the wrong kind of title, as I think Godfather would be more appropriate on occasions, the way he keeps turning up unannounced and awkwardly watching his unfortunate victim chewing on his sandwich as if he's presented it as an offer you cannot refuse. This is obviously a man – or thing, seriously what is he? – that is more interested in regality and grandeur, but he still has some gangster tendancies about him. Still I’m waiting for the day he has a punch up with Ronald McDonald, as that’s a fight I really want to see.


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