Geldofs Be Gone!

Really, who actually cares about what the Geldof children are up to? Anybody? No one’s had a long, roving, and highly stimulating discussion about the latest antics of the brood with pretentious names? I don’t see any hands? Come on, does no one give a toss that one of them was seen freshening up with a wet wipe, or another was seen enjoying a coffee and a slice of carrot cake? Well if this is the case, then the press have wasted a massive amount of time, space, and resources on Bobby, ‘Saviour of Africa and that guy who sung I don’t like Mondays’s,’ princesses. I suppose what I’m saying isn’t new, mainly: “who are these people and why should I care about them”.

It’s an issue endemic to the cult of celebrity that the media has become besotted with. Still, I can understand why people might prick up their ears if some, famous for the sake of it, pratt – like the hordes of interchangeable FHM and Sun glamour models, or Jordan - gain some attention, as their train-wreck lives are so compelling sometimes you can’t help but stare, whilst every urge in your body wills you to just ignore them so they’ll go away.

The Geldofs on the other-hand are something of an anomaly, and are a bit more stubborn, as despite the fact I don’t think I’ve heard any man or woman on the street give a monkeys about them. Despite this they still keep appearing in my face (and sometimes in my nightmares where the world is run by celebrity children, who because of their parents influence, and a deluded belief that they are in their position because of their talent rather than said influence, are able to rise to the levels of governance) which is a bit surprising I can’t see (or maybe don’t want to see) how they contribute to papers being sold. Incidentally I think the only people who I think believe their hype are the Geldof sisters themselves and the gossip press. Either that or the press are just looking for something easy to fill the gap on the gossip pages of the Daily Bilge.

I hope I am actually right in my assumptions and evidence that I’ve experienced thus far, in thinking they aren’t as important as the press and the Geldof’s think they are. This is mainly as I detest their types: little immature girls who because of their parent’s contacts, and the opportunities that creates, are able to blunder into the media without breaking a sweat.

Peaches for instance from the age of 16 has been allowed actual airtime as an television presenter/ journalist; it pains me to think of the poor men and women with actual talent and ambition that have been ushered aside for this socialite attention seeker, who wouldn’t have even been considered for a press pack report on Newsround. So there you have it I guess. They are going to keep sporadically appearing in papers which heavily coerce me to believe they deserve to be in the papers, I guess I’ll just have to take to cutting their pictures out of it and creating a bonfire of mediocrity from the stupid images of their smug faces.


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