Many Happy Returns?

Returning home from uni, after three years of tooing and froing between Cardiff, is a bit of a bewildering experience. The town I left seems to have become even quieter than I ever remember it being.

This isn't a totally bad change as the chavs who used to wander the streets pretending like they were in the Detroit ghettos or from broken homes (when in reality they lived in rather nice suburben semi's with quite nice, well to do parents)seem to have upped sticks and gone. Just vanished! I have no idea what's become of them, and I hazard a guess they might have in a misguided move actually moved to Detroit or LA to live their dream properly. Maybe they have destroyed each other through gang warfare? Or more likely they have just matured and moved on from that phase.

I have also noticed a more pronounced lack of the elderly. They used to appear in droves during the daytime hours, before disappearing around mid-afternoon not to be seen again and until the next day. These people have also seemedly vanished from my hometown, and it makes me wonder have they been all wiped out by swine flu, or have they all piled in a coach and made a break for the seaside and an undoubtably better life?

I doubt the nightlife of Bromley has improved in three years considering the lack of decent venues for nights out. Basically a night out in Bromley (at least used to) consist of Lloyds bar and that's about it. It's not a very good night out either, sure the drinks are cheap but it could take you up to 40 minutes to get served. Not only that but the owner of the bar seems to think he owns a nightclub, which it isn't. The only result is that it fails at being both a bar and club. Still with London on your doorstep why complain?


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