Wow I'm In Wales

Thats right readers I'm now at University. The University I've ended up with is the good old Cardiff University, Which I've got to after a fair deal of Wrangling.
Long story short I got 2 UMS below the needed grade of ABB and then got a remark which boosted me to that level.

Anyway I'm here now and I'm settling into my new student digs. So far I've met 7 of my 8 flatmates. Sadly all are men although we have a fair few girls across the hall and upstairs but its not the same really. Having lived in a house of all males for the past 4 years I hoped for a bit of a change but to no avail sadly.
However complaints aside my new flatmates seem nice. They are Will, Matt, Simon, Rich, Lee, Vince and Mysterious Asian Guy (Naturally None of us have met him yet but hope to soon and learn his true name).

It proved an interesting first day. After feeling very distressed at leaving my home for nearly 19 years me and my Dad took the long journey up the M4 to Wales. When I arrived I swiftly moved in my belongings and made myself at home.
Then came some shopping for some essential items at the big Tescos round the corner from my halls of residence. Later I met up with one of my friends who is also attending Cardiff for a drink and then returned to my room.

Then the evening began. I decided to head out with Will and Matt who were off out to meet some friends of Matt. At Matt's friend's flat I enjoyed some of Sam's (a friend of Matts) cooking for my evening meal. Sam and Adam (Sams flatmate) headed out to the town for general Merriment. We ended up at a Lloyds bar where a random girl took pictures of all of us for a reason which has yet to become apparent.

On the way home Sam managed to run into a gate as it was dark and it was painted black as he hurried into an alley to relieve himself. Afterwards we went back to the flat where me Matt, Sam and Adam discussed a few things, South Park being one of them.

All in all I have these thoughts about Uni so far

- Watch out for fences
- Leaving home is harder than you may think
- Talk to everyone you can
- There seems to be a heirachy depending on which accomodation you're in (i.e being in the most expensive)
and The halls are unnaturally warm

Still though the freshers fortnight has only begun so I have plenty of time to settle in

Later Dudes


Chard said…
Off tae wales we all are?
Dave said…
Dave's gone!!
Dan said…
Seems like you're having a good time.

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