ARRGHH THE PAIN (that's right I'm back)
The subject of my newest rant is that of my very first one. MUSIC!

Music in our fair land (its a bit of a dump really if you go to some council estates) has reached a new low. Why?
Because topping the charts at the moment is "DJ casper" with his hopelessly lame dance hit the "cha cha slide". I have two reasons for hating this tune
1: It is completely unimaginative and is stupid with pathetic dance commands like "slide to the left, take it back now Y'all"
2: I had to endure this song twice daily for two weeks in august last year while on holiday in turkey (Turkish music is a hell of a lot better than that believe me its quite catchy, no wonder they won the eurovision song contest n.b I had to endure that song everyday too but that is a lot more manageable)

Another problem is busted once again
If it wasn't bad enough they tarnished the good name of rock with their previous songs but now they have done a cover of "teenage kicks" a brilliant song and their equivalent has made me cringe what with their sickly sweet untalented young vocal chords (ARRRGH!)


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